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What is a VA? A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a professional who provides administrative and personal support services without having to enter a client’s office. Work is provided from a remote office. Knowing that the details of your business are being handled by a skilled, organized, and reliable assistant, will allow you to concentrate solely on your business. This in return will increase productivity and sales.

How does it work? In an age where technology keeps growing, it is very easy to maintain an efficient working relationship with a VA. Work assignments are communicated through email, phone, fax or mail. My setting up a remote email address through your server, no one needs to know that your secretary is not in the office next door.


Why use a Virtual Assistant?

  • you can focus your energies on the income-generating activities that you enjoy most and know the administration work is being handled on time
  • no need to purchase extra equipment, office space, or have someone in your home office
  • no need to pay benefits or insurance
  • having a Virtual Assistant on retainer, you know you have someone that represents your business properly and consistently
  • you have a committed long term partner willing to help your business grow

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