The Ultimate Internet Shopper

This week I am taking a class at the local library called “Become the Ultimate Internet Shopper.”  I believe that I am the “ultimate shopper” so want to see what this is all about- what can I learn that I don’t already know.  Should be interesting.

Besides finding great things on the Internet, I love a great discount. I love Ebates for extra savings and always love a good coupon whether it is a discount code or the printed coupon. Now I even have apps for certain stores and transfer my savings coupons to my phone. This week, I needed some printing done at Staples. I had $65 off of Staples and Copy and Print shop, plus I am a Premier Staples Reward member which adds additional savings. Boy, you should have seen the cashier’s face when I started pulling out all my coupons. Later that evening, I went for dinner at the Bonefish Grill. Wonder if I was the only one to know that you get a 15% discount with your AARP card. I always love a great deal although on the dinner savings, not so sure- I liked revealing my age!!! Oh well, another benefit of getting older.

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