Work is like a Snowflake

Why I love what I do?  No two days are alike. My Grandma Rosie used to say my job was like the snowflake pattern- every day different. Wearing many hats – and be willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done has always been my motto. Having a natural curiosity and passion to learn is what I’m all about. So even though it was a hot day today, I think of white little flakes and how my job resembles them so.snowflake-brushes-21323620

Why I’m Thrilled to be an Online Business Manager

It excites me to know that I’m helping others- creating good things in other people’s lives, keeping people on track so they have more time to spend on what matters most- whether it be work or free time. I have grown to know what my clients like and don’t like over the years. When traveling, one client likes to have 2 Queen beds in his room- to put his luggage on one bed while he sleeps on the other, for example. One client only likes to stay at the Hampton Inn hotel chain while another likes to go all out to resorts to get the full travel experience. There is a sense of knowing that I am making a difference  and that means something very personal for me. I find it is more than simply getting things done, it comes down to making a different. I have grown confident to make independent decisions and know what is best for my clients as their right hand assistant~ that excites me.

Trade Show at Short Hills Hilton- Rave Reviews!

paint can assembly paint cans in living room

pail in hand 2tradeshowshorthills


A big project but went over with rave reviews! First ordered the appropriate giveaways for the trade show and then assembled them all. We focused on theme and company colors. Brought a lot of activity to the booth and a cute and catchy gift.

Remote Help Desk- Lucy or Robin?

Love feeling like Lucy helping others. Having a remote office allows me the ability to assist my clients from a central location. Resent requests:

  • How do I turn on my autoresponder as I’m going on vacation?
  • How far is the college from the airport?
  • Can you find a repair service to fix a broken leg on furniture?
  • What is the best outdoor ping pong table and can we get it here by Christmas?

From business to personal requests, I get charged in being able to find the answers servicing so many with ease. Thanks Lucy, for the concept!

In the words of the Charlie Brown Christmas Song:

“Christmas time is here
We’ll be drawing near
Oh, that we could always see
Such spirit through the year”

Happy Holidays to All!


What is with adult coloring books?

Everywhere you go nowadays adult coloring books keep popping up. What is that all about? They claim they are a creative way to de-stress and disconnect by coloring in intricate patterns and exquisite designs. Sounds relaxing, but show me an adult that has time in their day to color? Perhaps these pages turns out pretty and magical but sorry…..are you ready to hear, “Can’t do the laundry, I am coloring!” I sure that would go over real well in most households.  A nice concept but not so sure of the audience here yet what a craze!!! Give your artistic friend or family member a coloring book for the holidays. I’m sure it is something they don’t have but not sure if they will use it. Definitely a gift idea for one that has everything………….in my opinion.



I love to shop.

I love to shop. I love the lighting of a store, the layout, the textures of the clothes, the colors and smells. It is like a party to my senses even if I come home empty handed- it can often be a magical experience. For those who know my inner secrets- I love the name Ruby and often feel this name is more of a name that defines me than Robin. As I was shopping today, I saw this sparkling berry citrus scented shower gel by Philosophy called “Ravishing Ruby” which caught my eye. The saying on the bottle read:

“like all priceless gems in the world, there will never be another you, you are unique in every way, you are a ravishing ruby- vibrant, radiant and full of passion, your beauty runs deep and shines from the inside out. there’s no one lovelier. you’re a gem.”

I felt like someone was speaking to me.

Another great shopping outing- although no bags to carry outravishing ruby.

Robin the SuperHero gets introduced at The Ave.

Cyber Booth at The Ave, Union 10-29-2015Displaying my booth at The Ave in Union, NJ was really different for me last Thursday night. First, what a place!!! I was truly impressed.  Offering long-term rentals, residents can live in a beautiful space and zen-like atmosphere.  I introduced my services to their guests at a table in the lobby during their Halloween social. They had a buffet dinner and excellent music and of course, my favorite part was the costumes worn. I love Halloween including the creativity behind the outfits and what people choose to wear that night! I didn’t come dressed up as a member of the “Dynamic Duo” but did introduce my new avatar “Robin ~ the SuperHero” of your business and personal needs. The theme behind it was, Can you use a Super Hero who will allow you the time and freedom to achieve a work-life balance? I handmade tic tac labels and gave out the yummy mints as part of my take away. The label showed my cartoon figure and my business information. They were a hit!!! I love event planning!

The Ultimate Internet Shopper

This week I am taking a class at the local library called “Become the Ultimate Internet Shopper.”  I believe that I am the “ultimate shopper” so want to see what this is all about- what can I learn that I don’t already know.  Should be interesting.

Besides finding great things on the Internet, I love a great discount. I love Ebates for extra savings and always love a good coupon whether it is a discount code or the printed coupon. Now I even have apps for certain stores and transfer my savings coupons to my phone. This week, I needed some printing done at Staples. I had $65 off of Staples and Copy and Print shop, plus I am a Premier Staples Reward member which adds additional savings. Boy, you should have seen the cashier’s face when I started pulling out all my coupons. Later that evening, I went for dinner at the Bonefish Grill. Wonder if I was the only one to know that you get a 15% discount with your AARP card. I always love a great deal although on the dinner savings, not so sure- I liked revealing my age!!! Oh well, another benefit of getting older.

Speed Networking

Yesterday, I went to a speed networking event during lunch. An interesting concept and a way to meet a bunch of people in a short amount of time. Great to get new prospects but for me and my business- a wealth of resources.  I keep my clients in mind and wonder how they can benefit from some of the people I meet. One person at the table is chosen to be the moderator and uses a clock to monitor the length of the elevator pitches to 2 minutes. We went around the table, passed out business cards, and talked about what we did. Some people included who they are interested in meeting or who would be their ideal client. I tried to focus on building relationships. I like to get a good read on the type of person they are and if they are someone I can trust and want to be engaged in business with. Entrepreneurs attract entrepreneurs as we maintain the same spirit- wheels turning 24/7 and passionate. Perhaps in this case, they also like breadsticks as it was held in the Olive Garden. LOL!

Grand Opening Celebration Exceeded Expectations

The Grand Opening of one of my client’s businesses took place last week.  Months of planning with outstanding results. The charming three story carriage house was filled with great energy.  The large turnout was a great testament to the team’s collaboration of hard work and dedication to make every detail count.  A torrential downpour soaked the outdoor tent area but did not stop the guests from “pouring in”.

The caterer provided gallery style cuisine with crab cakes, brie and raspberry sauce on toast and so much more. The appetizers just kept coming and the guests had rave reviews of the food. Dessert was captured with Hawaiian bars with a pineapple, coconut filling and espresso brownies.

Outside a tent was set up with soft and whimsical lighting which featured a bar and high tables. Orange colored accents created a pop of color and reflected the color scheme. The use of small lights scalloped the landscaping and white votive candles and battery operated lights, in the shape of pears, topped off the tables creating a bistro like effect.

A great night was had by all.