No two days are the same at Cyber Office Assistant.

At Cyber Office Assistant, no two days are the same. Being a virtual online business manager is exciting as I never know what is coming around the corner. Whatever a client needs, I am there to support their endeavor. Last week, one of my client’s daughter was having a birthday and was on vacation in Bermuda. “Let’s have the concierge get her a gift and bring it to her hotel room from me,” my client said. I contacted the concierge at the hotel in Bermuda and together we came up with an age appropriate gift that she could get there and to her room within 2 hours.  Delivered to her room, was an adorable silver necklace charm with a glass tube in it filled with pink sand from Bermuda. Not only was it a perfect gift for a young teenager but it will always remind her of her great vacation and also that her dad remembered her special day. My client was over the moon that I was able to pull this off so quickly.


My birthday is around the corner. I love horoscopes– I look at them daily to take a look as to how I can use my forecast to constructively shape my day. Just came across this post about Leo’s career assessment, “It’s not enough for a Leo to just do the job. In order to suffice, it must be done to the absolute best of their ability. Once committed to an employer, they will go all-out, but the best situation for the Leo is to be his or her own boss.” I find this to be so accurate!

New Windows 10 Update – Cortana

Found this great resource about the pros and cons of upgrading to Windows 10, the most recent and said final version of Windows. A feature they just introduced, known as Cortana, is a virtual assistant that can create calendar events, search the internet, and more–pretty cool! Can’t wait to check this out further and see what this feature has to offer!

Food truck for catering

Having fun working on creating a grand opening event for one of my clients! For a unique food option, we are looking into food trucks to cater the event. What a novel idea when you don’t have a full kitchen to cook in! There are so many fun, and delicious looking food trucks in the NJ area. Can’t wait to try some of these out!

Ribbon cutting event- Simple solution to expensive problem

Coordinating a ribbon cutting event for this week – how fun! Who would’ve thought that giant ribbon cutting scissors would be so expensive (over $100!). Since we weren’t looking to spend that much money on a one time event, I found a couple possible solutions: I found a great party rental website ( where you can rent ribbon cutting scissors for the day! A great website to check out if you’re not looking to buy expensive party supplies for a limited number of uses. What I ended up doing was ordering a very inexpensive pair of bright red clown scissors on Amazon. With a simple coat of silver spray paint, I turned the clown scissors into official looking ribbon cutting scissors!

The 4th of July is around the corner!

Although Mother Nature might not have gotten the memo, we are well into summer and the 4th of July is around the corner! Those of us who run a business often feel guilty about taking time off, and even when we do we find ourselves thinking about the emails and unfinished projects that will be waiting for us when we get back. Reclaim your independence by hiring a virtual assistant to handle all your administrative needs. With a virtual assistant, you can take that well deserved vacation and know that your plate was clean when you left! Think about how much time you can save by not having to answer phone calls, reply to emails, make payments, or do any of the other tedious tasks that running a business requires.

The next step

My son is graduating from high school. What a sense of accomplishment! Working hard for years to fulfill a requirement, to move on to college- the next step. One door closes and another opens. A new beginning and in the middle of the year. We don’t always have to wait for New Year’s Day to make a change. I have seen business owners, push off getting help until after their busy season. Perhaps think ahead this year and hire help before so make the workload lighter. Even though you hire a skilled and trained individual, you want to make sure there is enough time to train them to reflect your individual needs, style and ways. Don’t push off change and improvement- it can be done at anytime.

Feel productive on a rainy day

For those of you who know me, I hate the rain and rarely go out in the rain unless I really need to. Rainy days can be a real drag, but they don’t have to be! As I see it, there can be different types of rainy days. The cold and windy type of day where you want to watch a movie under the covers. Other rainy days force me stay in, regroup and get organized. I tackle a pile of newspapers and magazines that I haven’t read. Perhaps email an old friend some photos so we can catch up. I try to make the best of rainy days to stay organized, to feel productive and make a rainy day give me a sunny disposition.

Zoning out on a Friday?

Why putting down your cell phone and letting your mind wander may make you more productive!

Amazing how a simple task can take so much time!

Ever have to deal with the DMV? After sending them an email 2 weeks ago inquiring about some information needed for one of my clients and not receiving a response, I decided to call and see if I could get the information I needed faster. What I thought would be a quick phone call turned into an hour on hold along with a phone transfer. Another suggestion before calling is to try going to their website ( first to see if your question can be answered. In my case, this was not an option as I needed immediately questions answered. While being on hold can be very frustrating, a tip for being productive while on hold: multitask. Make another phone call, reply to your emails, and cross off a few other things on your list so you don’t feel like you’ve wasted your time. I even pick up another phone and make additional calls at the same time. Amazing how a simple task can take so much time!