I love to shop.

I love to shop. I love the lighting of a store, the layout, the textures of the clothes, the colors and smells. It is like a party to my senses even if I come home empty handed- it can often be a magical experience. For those who know my inner secrets- I love the name Ruby and often feel this name is more of a name that defines me than Robin. As I was shopping today, I saw this sparkling berry citrus scented shower gel by Philosophy called “Ravishing Ruby” which caught my eye. The saying on the bottle read:

“like all priceless gems in the world, there will never be another you, you are unique in every way, you are a ravishing ruby- vibrant, radiant and full of passion, your beauty runs deep and shines from the inside out. there’s no one lovelier. you’re a gem.”

I felt like someone was speaking to me.

Another great shopping outing- although no bags to carry outravishing ruby.

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