Speed Networking

Yesterday, I went to a speed networking event during lunch. An interesting concept and a way to meet a bunch of people in a short amount of time. Great to get new prospects but for me and my business- a wealth of resources.  I keep my clients in mind and wonder how they can benefit from some of the people I meet. One person at the table is chosen to be the moderator and uses a clock to monitor the length of the elevator pitches to 2 minutes. We went around the table, passed out business cards, and talked about what we did. Some people included who they are interested in meeting or who would be their ideal client. I tried to focus on building relationships. I like to get a good read on the type of person they are and if they are someone I can trust and want to be engaged in business with. Entrepreneurs attract entrepreneurs as we maintain the same spirit- wheels turning 24/7 and passionate. Perhaps in this case, they also like breadsticks as it was held in the Olive Garden. LOL!

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