What is with adult coloring books?

Everywhere you go nowadays adult coloring books keep popping up. What is that all about? They claim they are a creative way to de-stress and disconnect by coloring in intricate patterns and exquisite designs. Sounds relaxing, but show me an adult that has time in their day to color? Perhaps these pages turns out pretty and magical but sorry…..are you ready to hear, “Can’t do the laundry, I am coloring!” I sure that would go over real well in most households.  A nice concept but not so sure of the audience here yet what a craze!!! Give your artistic friend or family member a coloring book for the holidays. I’m sure it is something they don’t have but not sure if they will use it. http://www.art-is-fun.com/free-adult-coloring-pages/ Definitely a gift idea for one that has everything………….in my opinion.



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