Why I’m Thrilled to be an Online Business Manager

It excites me to know that I’m helping others- creating good things in other people’s lives, keeping people on track so they have more time to spend on what matters most- whether it be work or free time. I have grown to know what my clients like and don’t like over the years. When traveling, one client likes to have 2 Queen beds in his room- to put his luggage on one bed while he sleeps on the other, for example. One client only likes to stay at the Hampton Inn hotel chain while another likes to go all out to resorts to get the full travel experience. There is a sense of knowing that I am making a difference  and that means something very personal for me. I find it is more than simply getting things done, it comes down to making a different. I have grown confident to make independent decisions and know what is best for my clients as their right hand assistant~ that excites me.

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