Why Work With Us?

About Cyber Office Assistant:
Robin Levan, owner of Cyber Office Assistant, LLC started her company in 1998. By providing support, she lends an extra pair of hands to business owner’s allowing them more time to concentrate on their business. Robin started out as Production Manager for NYC catalog outfits managing a staff and juggling many pieces to complete outstanding promotional pieces. Her advertising design degree lends Robin to have a knack for design and a keen eye for detail.

Robin’s motto:
Robin prides herself in being the 3 R’s: reliable, responsible and resourceful.

What makes Cyber Office Assistant special?
Robin Levan is passionate about people who are committed to taking their business or personal life to the next level and who are mindful enough to realize that they can’t do it all alone and still maintain the best quality of life. She is a self-motivated business owner and thrives on working independently. Robin is fully committed to being a virtual assistant and offers you promise of excellence.

She loves working from home in Westfield, New Jersey and being able to be there for her family. Her passion of working from home and creating a flexible work style benefits her clients. Clients will realize that the possibilities of using a Virtual Assistant are endless, and together they can explore areas of service that will bring them great value. Robin is willing to learn your business and assist in making it the best it can be.

Can you use a Super Hero who will allow you the time and freedom to achieve a work-life balance?


Our goal is to seamlessly take on the responsibility of your tasks and projects.

Have More Time — Start Delegating
• Manage projects effectively with clear goals and outlines
• Purchase and wrap holiday gifts, send greeting cards
• Set up travel and entertainment and provide itineraries
• Maintain calendar by setting, monitoring and confirming appointments
• Oversee projects and logistics and schedule deliveries
• Serve as liaison with vendors and contractors
• Conduct extensive online product research
• Customer service and sales assistance
• Respond to emails and return phone calls
• Coordinate mass mailings and marketing
• Event and conference coordination
• And More…